Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Diving Zanzibar on Mnemba Island

Mar 9 -  Diving Zanzibar on Mnemba Island
My morning started with a nice light breakfast and then I boarded a dive boat with a nice dive master named Philip
and we headed out in a traditional wooden boat with two French man, an American couple, and two Danish women.  A storm had moved in overnight and the conditions were looking pretty bleak as the rain poured down on us.  We expected choppy waters and limited visibility from turbidity but when we anchored the skies opened and the viability was over 120 feet - the best all year according to the dive masters.  Our two dives took us down to about 60 feet at different dive sites.  The views were amazing and the name of the second site was the Aquarium which basically described the scene perfectly.  Crystal clear waters, deep blue sea, pretty coral formations and lots of fish.  We saw a great variety including the deadly lion fish, scorpion, unicorn, box, zebra, parrot, Moray eel and several groupers.  

The highlight for me was the very large 4-5 foot Napolean wrasse that approached me.  I had seen giant ones in Sharm El Sheik in the Sinai Peninsula over 25 years ago and was fascinated by their enormous size and great green color.  My guests all went snorkeling and were treated to up close encounters with dolphins and turtles while in the water.  Everyone had a great day and we all celebrated with a wonderful meal of fresh fish at dinner.  I had been saving a bottle of proseco which we popped to toast our great adventure together on our last night of the trip.  Tomorrow we will go to a spice plantation and tour the main port of Stone Town which is famous for its crooked streets and intricately carved wooden doors.  Then it's off to the airport for my guests as I stay back in town for an extra day to make hotel inspections.

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