Saturday, June 2, 2012

Golfing at Elephant Hills Resort, Zimbabwe

Today we rose early and crossed the old bridge that spans the gorge to the Zimbabwe side of the river.  The bridge is a marvel of engineering that was built in 1906.  On our way across we had great views of the falls as well as the rapids that I rafted back in 1993 when I made the 7 day descent of the Zambezi which features monster class V (rated hardest) waves and drops of over 25 feet!  It was fun to reminisce about those days and also to watch as a Japanese girl jumped off the bridge and dropped 111 meters (333 feet) on a bungee cord.  Vic Falls is famous as an adventure capital and you can do almost everything here from jet boating, white water rafting, elephant back safari, zip line, river boarding, micro light flights and much more...

Our goal was to cross over and head to Elephant Hills Resort to play one of the most unique rounds of golf on the planet.  We arrived and arranged clubs and caddies for a round of golf featuring wildlife hazards such as waterbuck, kudu, impala, and occasionally a large elephant wandering onto the course!  Did I mention that the water hazards including waiting crocodiles!

We had an absolute blast as we rounded the course dodging wildlife and enjoying the company of our caddie named Earnest.  We even had a bar man who rolled around a huge cooler of ice cold beers and drinks.  Now that is golfing in style.  

Our companion on the golf course...
After a great round of golf we headed to the world famous colonial era Victoria Falls hotel where we enjoyed a magnificent lunch on the patio overlooking the falls.  We soaked up the history of this charming property with rooms like the Stanley Bar.  Later we headed up to a bar where the backpackers and budget travelers hang out and watched a rafting video of a group that went down the rapids a few days ago.  

Tomorrow Marc will head out on an extreme day of adventure including rafting the rapids and a micro light flight over the falls.  If you don't know, a micro light is a fixed wing hang glider with a combustion motor driving a high speed fan that lifts 2 guests and a pilot into the sky up to 1500 feet.  It should be amazing!

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