Friday, June 1, 2012

Sunset over Zambezi....

This morning we woke at 5:30 and watched a magnificent golden sunrise before setting out on a walking safari.  We found leaped tracks, learned about medicinal plants, and saw remnants of an old village where pottery shards covered the ground.  

Our route took us along the banks of the Zambezi where we could see hippo off in the distance.  After a nice lunch and a siesta we set off on a canoe adventure similar to the one we did on the first day.  We passed grazing elephants with their babies, hippos who dove down under the water or scrambled up the bank, and a croc or two.  

There is great bird life along the channel including fish eagle, fishing owls, bee eaters, and storks.  The sounds of the bush serenaded us as we silently floated through this magical landscape.  The highlight of the canoe trip was a young bull elephant who was throwing water high into the air as we approached in our canoes.  He trumpeted and made a mock charge into the river kicking up a small wall of water in front of us.  Our guide, Victor, explained that this young guy was actually more afraid of us than we were of him and his display reflected this.

It was fun to share this experience with my fellow travelers now that our group has come together.  We ended the day with the traditional "sundowner" cocktail on the shores of the Zambezi as the sun set brilliantly into the horizon and cast purple and orange hues over the mighty river waters...pure magic!

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